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svchost.exe: High CPU Usage on Windows 10 [Fix]

If you’re seeing many svchost.exe items hogging your CPU usage, you’re not alone. Many Windows 10 users are reporting this problem. No worries, it’s possible to fix. Here are 4 fixes for you to sort it out. What is svchost.exe? According to Microsoft, svchost.exe is: “a generic host process name for services that run from dynamic-link libraries”. In simpler words, it’s […]

How to Clear Print Queue Easily [Fix]

You may want to clear the print queue or, in another way, you may call it clear the print spooler, when your print jobs is stuck and the printer can’t print. Don’t worry if you have no idea how to do that. It’s easily to do by yourself. How do I clear my print queue/spooler? […]

ASUS Laptop Drivers Download & Update

Downloading and updating drivers for desktops could be so much different from that for laptops: the later has more accurate demands for the drivers required for its working environment.  As such, to update and download drivers for your ASUS laptop requires a certain level of searching and computer skill, without which, you might find it of […]

How to Fix NVIDIA Installer failed issue in Windows 10

“NVIDIA Installer failed” issue is a common issue in Windows 10. When you are installing NVIDIA drivers, if you get this error, try solutions here to fix it. Why you got this error? After you upgrade the system to Windows 10, Windows Update will attempt to download and install GPU drivers in the background. This can sometimes take […]

Windows 10 Time Wrong Issue [Fix]

Step 1: Synchronize Clock with an Internet Time Server Step 2: Check Windows Time ServiceStep 3: Re-register Windows Time ServiceStep 4: Check PC Battery and/or Update BIOSStep 1: Synchronize Clock with an Internet Time Server1) On your keyboard, press Windows key and then choose Control Panel. 2) Choose View by:Large icons, and then choose Date and Time. 3) Navigate to […]