Common Errors

[Fix] Alt Tab Not Working

If you need to flip back and forth between two pretty frequent worked on windows, Alt + Tab keys help you make it quite easy and quick. You may enjoy Alt Tab when your deal with your work like having many Excel workbooks open. Since it’s such convenient by using Alt Tab, it would be […]

SFC and DISM: Windows 10 Repair Options

Windows 10 is equipped with some very handy tools that allow you to solve your computer problems. System File Checker and Deployment Image & Servicing Management tools are ones of them.  You should consider using these tools when:  a) troubleshooting a buggy Windows system;  b) blue screen of death errors occur;  c) applications crash;  d) some […]

Fix Mac Camera Not Working — The Easy Way

The built-in camera in Mac make it convenient to use Face Time or Skype to have video chat with your family or friends.  But due to some reasons, you just found Mac Camera Not Working. Here let’s fix it! This article is going to tell you the tried-and-true and effected as many users reported way to fix […]

Can’t Print PDF File [Fix]

You must be crazy and frustrated if you can’t print your PDF files on Adobe.  You even don’t see any error message; each time you click Print on Adobe, it just doesn’t print at all. Don’t worry. This guide is helping you solve this problem step by step. Go with these: The problems of your […]