Driver Error

[Fix] Application has been blocked from accessing Graphics hardware Windows 10

Finally, amazing time for playing your video games. You open your computer and want to access the game as usual. Ah oh… Something wrong happens. You don’t see the game loading page. Instead, you are seeing this error saying: Application has been blocked from accessing Graphics hardware. It’s wired that you didn’t make any change of […]

Dolby Advanced Audio Driver Not Working in Windows [Fix]

It might happen to you that after you update your sound driver or make some change with you system, the following notification pops up:  The version numbers could be different on different computers. After this notification, problems such as the speakers on your computer are not working straight or even computer shutting down out of […]

SM Bus Controller Driver Missing in Windows 10 [Fix]

Receiving “SM Bus Controller doesn’t have a driver” message on your Windows 10? It means SM Bus Controller Driver is missing. You can found a yellow ! mark over the SM Bus Controller shown in Device Manager. Once such error occurs on your Windows 10, stay calm please. It’s an easy-to-fix issue. Just go with the tried-and-true ways below, you […]

Fix Video Controller Driver Issue in Windows 10. Easily!

After upgrading to Windows 10 or perform a Windows Update for Windows 10, in Device Manager, you probably see Video Controller with a yellow mark next to it, which means the display driver is having problem. To fix the problem, follow methods below.   Method 1: Uninstall the driver and allow Windows to load the driver […]