Dish Anywhere App Not Working on Windows 10

DISH Anywhere Error – Many Dish Anywhere Network users having the same problem when they are updating their Windows OS into Windows 10. They said unable to watch DISH AnyWhere after installing Windows 10 on PC. Everything works fine before, but suddenly DISH Anywhere app going to get a black screen and no sound. However, it does show the station, show, and even counts the seconds it been running and at what rate it is streaming at.

If you also facing this issue on your Windows 10 PC, don’t be panic. It’s a problem with Windows 10 and Firefox but Google Chrome works with DISH app. Maybe one of this solution can fix your problem with DISH AnyWhere Network app on your PC. Check it out on below.

Dish Anywhere NOt Working Windows 10

Method 1 (Work for Windows 8)

If you go to the install of the player and run it in compatibility mode for Windows 8, it runs perfectly.  My player is located here:

C:\Program Files (x86)\DishAnywhereDesktop\DishAnywherePlayer.exe

  • Then, Right click on it, select properties, then click on the compatibility tab.
  • You can choose either “Run compatibility troubleshooter” or “change settings for all users”.
  • Click the box that says “Run this program in compatibility mode for:”
  • Change the drop down box to Windows 8.
  • Then apply and ok.

Method 2 (Work for Windows 10)

Here is what did not work, and finally what did.

  • First, on this computer running Windows 10, I use Internet Explorer (IE) 11 and the new Edge Web browser, no others. Since Edge does not yet support extensions, it cannot work, of course. IE11 downloaded a WBsomething.exe, which would install but never did anything, so I uninstalled it. (I have Mozilla Firefox on another computer, but it has never worked well any of the Dish Network Web sites.)
  • So I downloaded, installed, and launched Google Chrome. When I went to, Chrome downloaded DishAnywheresomething.exe. (I had not been able to find this download anywhere else, under any name, and I really scoured the Internet for it.)
  • When I installed that, it installed an application named “DishAnywhere SlingPlayer”, which was running all the time in my system tray. (Yes, it has both DishAnywhere and SlingPlayer in its name.) With this installed, I again launched 32-bit IE11, and now it works perfectly. With 32-bit IE11 working, I uninstalled Google Chrome, and everything still works.
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So you don’t need Google Chrome, except to download the DishAnywheresomething.exe that you need to install. And you don’t have to change any Compatibility Mode settings on anything. It’s possible that DishAnywhere SlingPlayer will not launch automatically when you open with 32-bit IE11. If so, just launch it manually and it will work fine.

Method 3: Update the Driver

    • You might try downloading and Installing the Adobe flash player for your Firefox
    • Then, We suggest you to download all the latest hardware driver updates from the manufacturer’s website and check, if it works.
    • If the issue still persists, We suggest you to install all the latest hardware drivers in compatibility mode and check, if it works.

Method 4: Update your Windows 10

This is the final method, if all of the solution that we mention it before did not work. You can try to download the Windows 10 update patch kb4015438. Please go to this link on below to download the pacth kb4015438.exe:

Hope this information can help you fixing Dish Anywhere Error on Windows 10. Please let us know if you need another assistance with DISH Anywhere App for Windows 10 in future. We will be happy to assist you.

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