Download Combofix for Windows 10

Combofix Windows 10 – ComboFix is an antivirus software that scans your computer for known malware or also Adware. And when they found, combofix will attempts to clean these infections automatically. This antivirus created by sUBs. ComboFix also displays a report that can be used by trained helpers to remove malware that is not automatically removed by the program.

What is Combofix?

Combofix is a free, intelligent, powerful spyware and malware removal application designed to clean-up even the most heavily infected PC’s. Combofix can clean up viruses, crapware, and the worst of the worst spyware and adware. The low-level program does not have a graphical user-interface. In fact, often it ran at the command line level by system admins, and technicians. Novice and even intermediate users may have a difficult time using the software, and improper use of the application could lead to catastrophic system failure.

Combofix Pros

  • One of the most effective malware removers in the world
  • Removes even the most stubborn infection
  • Extensive malware definition database
  • Ability to initate Scans in Command Line or safe mode environment
  • Produces detailed malware infection report
  • Allows manual malware removal if auto-removal fails
  • Fewer false positives than commercial applications

Combofix Cons

  • Not user friendly
  • Novice and Intermediate users beware
  • Improper use may lead to catastrophic system failure
  • Bare bones user-interface
  • Not compatible with Win 8.1/10

Download Combofix

Combofix is a powerful anti-spyware & anti-malware package designed for advanced and intermediate PC users. Combofix is very powerful. It is recommended the software be used in the presence of a trained professional for the best results. Here you can download combofix directly from the official site. Just click the link on below.

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Combofix Download


Alternative Combofix Download link

Download Combofix from bleepingcomputer here (File Size: 5M)

(From, ComboFix is FREE. DO NOT download ComboFix.exe from sites other than

Author: sUBs
License: Free
Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
32-bit program. Can run on both a 32-bit and 64-bit OS.
File Size: 5.4 MBs
Downloads: 50,131,765
Last Updated: 11/15/18 02:40:03 AM EST


NOTE: ComboFix is extremely powerful, You should not run ComboFix.exe unless you are asked to by a trained helper.

Combofix System Requirements

Combofix is compatible with Windows 8/7/XP and Vista (32or 64bit). The software can be run in both Windows normal and safe environments. Combofix downnload file is typically 6 MB, or so

How to Run Combofix on Windows 10

Running Combofix on Windows 10 Instructions

  • Right Click Combofix Desktop Icon
  • Select ‘Compatibility Mode’ (Combofix will promptly warn you!). Windows will give 2 options: Recommended Setting or Troubleshoot
  • Close Warning Message box. Choose ‘Recommended Settings’. Windows will auto-select Windows 8.
  • Enjoy at your own risk!

Again, this may not work- And, even if it does, you probably shouldn’t do it! (Proceed at Your Own Risk)

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