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Tweaking Windows Repair App – Windows Repair is a Windows Application tool that designed by This tool help us to fix a large majority of known Windows problems. Such as: Registry Errors, File permissions, issues with Internet Explorer, Windows Updates, Windows Firewall and more. With this Windows Repair All in One Tweaking App you can restore your Windows into original settings (default factory reset). This will fixing many of the Windows problems outright.

Windows Repair All in One
Windows Repair All in One –

Sometime, Malware and poorly installed or uninstalled programs can modify your settings resulting in your machine working poorly, unexpectedly – or worse. The repairs section has always been completely free for personal use. So, don’t wait for your Windows PC to get worse. Download this tool for Free Now!

Windows Repair Tool App for Windows 10


Windows Repair Tool App Portable Version


How To Use Windows Repair All in One Tool from

This guide will show you step by step how to fly through a cover-all fix situation. This will cover creating a backup of your current registry, setting a restore point, running sfc, and finally running the large collection of windows checks that has accumulated. This will be a quick and dirty way to run through and check your system files and restore functionality.

Step 1: Download Windows Repair Tool from

You can download Windows Repair Tool here, either a portable version. Which requires no install and can be run directly from a usb stick, or the normal installer.

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Step 2: Launch Repair

When you launch Repair Tool it might give you a prompt to update. It is recommended that you use the newest version since this will check Windows files and settings which are updated frequently.

Step 3: This is the quick and dirty run through…

So we will not be going into the tabs labeled “Step1” (which is a virus scanner) and “Step2” (which helps with file permissions repair later by running a checkdisk). We will skip straight to step 3 and run an elevated System File Checker.

Step 4: Create a System Restore point and a Registry Backup.

On the tab labeled “Step4” you will want to click on the buttons labeled “Create” and “Backup”. This will create a vss snapshot of your registry in case something goes awry and you need to revert back to the previous state. This will also create a restoration point for your computer through the built in System Restore program.


Finally we get to the “Start Repairs” tab. Click the Start button on the lower right hand side to launch the collection of Windows fixes screen.

Step 6: Run the repairs; sit back and relax.

This will be the finale of events in creating your computer’s boost in health and wellness. You will need to go through the “Repair Options” list and check off whatever you need to fix. You could just select everything… but that does take some time to get through. Once you have what you want selected, click the “Start” button on the lower right corner. This will launch a series of dos type windows that will automagically fix your annoying issues.

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If you still not clear with the tutorial on above, you can watch this video about How To Use Windows Repair from

This repair app tool is compatible with all of Windows version. Including Windows 10, Windows 8.1/8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP also offer a Windows Repair Pro version adds additional features and optimizations like:

  • Automatic Updates,
  • Enhanced Windows Drive Cleaner,
  • Memory Cleaner,
  • Windows Quick Link Menu
  • Run Your Own Custom Scripts After Repairs,
  • Run Speed Tweaks After Repairs
  • Performance Enhancements and more.

What’s New on Windows Repair Version 4.0 Pro Feature:

  • Streamlined, Updated Interface
  • Permissions Backup and Restore of the Registry and File System
  • Windows Firewall Cleanup Utility
  • Missing Packages Registry Cleanup
  • Unhide Files Tools – Important for Malware Cleanup
  • Restore Default Printer Ports Repair
  • Add Trusted Installer (Owner / Permissions) to Any File, Folder or .reg Key.
  • Run Any Program as System Account
  • Advanced, Powerful Windows Services Tools
  • Comprehensive Help File

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